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Board Governance Workshop Follow up Materials from the May 9 2018 Session:

Thank you for your interest in strengthening Board Governance. Thank you for positively impacting...

Posted At: 04-17-2018- 7:46 pm

Posted At: 12-16-2017- 9:29 am

Watch the new 2018 UWBC Campaign Video created by GTP Intern Patrick Byrnes with help from Todd Forrester, Christal O'Hern, Richie Laga, Nick Balcomb, Marissa Dispenza, David Kyslinger, Darton...

Posted At: 10-25-2017- 6:37 am

"I am United Way" video created by the Bradford County Regional Arts Council for United Way of Bradford County's 40th Anniversary! Click here to view the "I am United Way" video.

Posted At: 09-24-2017- 9:49 am